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School Board Appreciation Month
We Love our School Board!
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PTO Organizational Meeting
January 12, 2017
7:00 in Buckholts School Library

Team Wins during the Junior High U.I.L. December 7th:

6th Grade Spelling--3rd Place

Star Martinez, Akayla Shahan, Savannah Cazares

6th Grade Listening--2ND Place

Akayla Shahan, Bitsy Pratt, Fabian Baez

6th Grade Calculator Applications--3rd Place
Star Martinez, Bitsy Pratt, Crystal Robes

 7th Grade Art--3rd Place

Gina Melendez, Cassandra Benevides, Lorianna Greiner

A complete list of Awards  

Elementary U.I.L. Meet at Buckholts School
Wednesday, December 14

2nd Grade Writing Finals
6th Place              Cyrenity Durate
3rd Grade Writing Finals
4th Place              Megan Pratt
4th Grade Writing Finals
3rd Place              Kaleb Ralston
5th Place              Eddie Payan
3rd Grade Spelling
4th Place              Angelica Torres 
4th Grade Spelling
6th Place              Kloe Simmons
2nd Grade Storytelling
1st Place               Julia Dygert
4th Place              Dvonte Wiggins
5th Place              Karsyn Vega
3rd Grade Storytelling
2nd Place              Elyla Velez
4th Place              Megan Pratt
3rd Grade Music
4th Place             Lyla Velez
5th Grade Music
4th Place              Hayden Marrs
5th Place              Deacon Thibodeaux
5th Grade Listening
3rd Place              Ricky McCall
2nd Grade Chess Puzzle
3rd Place              Julia Dygert
6th Place              Dvonte Wiggins
3rd Grade Chess Puzzle
2nd Place              Meagan Pratt
3rd Place              Elyla Velez
5th Grade Chess Puzzle
3rd Place              Deacon Thibodeaux
4th Grade Art
2nd Place              Kaleb Ralston
4th Place              Anthony Salomon
5th Grade Social Studies
4th Place              James Hairston

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